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August 15, 2017


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How To Balance Between Being A Mother And Career Woman.

Good jobs and nice families is the dream of most girls. Some women have actually achieved it. There are very many successful women with Having a stable family meaning having to bring up babies as well as maintaining relevance in their career. Few ladies have managed to balance the two tasks appropriately. This is one of the reason why men are still ahead of the women in most careers.

Managing the two is something that can be done. Changing or altering a career path might help a lady to have a family. Ladies should know what they will be doing and at what time of their careers. A lady, therefore, is capable of organizing herself so that she can give birth at an appropriate time. At this point her career will be safe. After giving birth, such woman can again decide whether to further their career up the ladder or just settle where they are. A mother can decide to settle at a given level of a career where she is in content.

Delaying motherhood is yet another way to work out the chances of being a career woman and at the same time a mother at some point. A woman can, therefore, pursue her career first, then later family. responsibilities could now be shifted from advancements career wise to having children. Having children at this point is advisable for the obvious reasons. The major problem with this, however, is the presence of menopause in a woman’s life.Conception at this point is impossible. A lady can therefore, keep her eggs frozen so that they may still be viable at a later date.

Starting a business is another way of trying to balance between careers and having a family. The business should, however, be well-taken care off to attain good dependable profits. Such a business can be managed in the absence of the owner for some time. After giving birth the management of the business is placed back on her. Bosses are always answerable only to themselves.

Moreover, a mother can seek help irrespective of where it comes from. This help can come from relatives or friends. In some cases, someone is forced to hire childcare professional to take care of their child while they are away. In some cases, the people hired do not even directly associate with the child but their presence offer great help to the mother. Guilt associated with decisions made during the motherhood period is common among many mothers. Mothers usually will feel like she is not there for her child and at the same time feels like she has to go out there and look for money. A mother should, therefore, trust her instincts and believe in the decisions that she makes irrespective.