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Tips You Need to Know Before Move There If You Are a Student

August 8, 2017

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Living in Barcelona means live in a place full of opportunities for every people, not only Spanish, but also foreigners. Understanding trendy as the second name of the Mediterranean city, I’m talking about what you should know about how lives the citizens of Barcelona.

Confortable and chic apartments

Barcelona is well-known around the world thanks to its multicultural and Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as its monuments, international events and business opportunities. According with that, the best neighborhoods to live in are Gracia, Eixample and Sarrià – Sant Gervasi.

Gracia is one of the coolest neighborhoods of Barcelona and the favorite for young people. It is crowd of international restaurants, alternatives shops and cultural events. If you take a walk around, you will fall in love with its pedestrian streets and its lively atmosphere. It is placed between Passeig de Gracia and Park Güell.

In the same sense, maybe you can prefer Eixample district, the heart of Barcelona, placed between the old city (Ciutat Vella) and the neighborhoods of Sants, Gracia and Sant Andreu. It was constructed in the 19th and 20th centuries, so it still remains as a modernism treasure. Walking around its streets you can come across with buildings of Gaudi and other well-known modernist architects. Passeig de Gracia, the golden quartier of Barcelona, is proof of it. What else can you find in here? Lot of restaurants, shops, metro and train stations and monuments such as Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera or Casa Batllo.

But not all young people are keen to live in there. Lots of them prefer to live in Sarria-Sant Gervasi, far enough of noisy streets crowded of tourists, but close to the main universities and international schools of business, such as ESADE or EADA.

There 3 districts are recommended for students who want to enjoy and feel all the taste of Barcelona (business, leisure, architecture, culture, gastronomy and commodities) and thanks to 7 dreams Barcelona apartments you can find your place in one of them.

Lovely weather and dreamy coves

The weather of Barcelona is warm most of the year and that allow play sports every time. Summer lovers also do well in Barcelona. The coast of Catalonia, especially Costa Brava, is full of sandy coves and azure waters and lots of them only can be visited arriving by sea.


Barcelona night clubs are certainly an experience whatever your taste is. However, some of these Barcelona clubs are worth the visit by themselves, no matter which music. For example, the area of Port Olympic is for those who are looking for a more upmarket experience. Here a string bars attract a well-heeled cosmopolitan crowd to sip cocktails on their beach terraces.

Key things to consider when choosing a venue for hire

August 8, 2017

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Every day, there are multiple events that happen in various places of the world. Most of these events are very official and therefore, the organizers must look for appropriate venues. It is always not easy to select the best venue. You will come across hundreds of them and from these multiple options, you will be required to select only one. To avoid stress therefore, there are a few things you can consider.

The cost of hire:

Before you do anything else, you have to look at the cost of hiring the venue. The decision on whether you pay for it or not depends on the amount of money you have put aside on the budget for hiring the venue. Moreover, you may want to allow more room for other things such as foods and drinks and this therefore means that, you avert from the venues that are more expensive. However, negotiating with the venue owner is allowed if you want to pay less amount for the same. Since there are venues for hire in Auckland at different costs, you must be certain about the one you need.

The location:

Unless you want a long distance travel, it is always appropriate to choose a venue that is closer to you. This is important because people can save on the transport costs and spend the rest of the money on important things. However, there may be cases where those attending the event may want to travel over long distances. In this case, you can opt for a venue far from you in order to impress them. If the attendees are fewer in number, you will then be required to choose a room in a hotel but with an ample space.

The ambiance:

You do not just choose a venue blindly or simply because someone else chose it a few days ago. You must be sure of want you really need if you want to be happy with your event. For instance, you can look at the way the room has been designed, the color of the walls and the general décor to see whether it satisfies your tastes and preferences or not. Different events always require different venues. If you choose a wrong venue therefore, the attendees may not be satisfied with you. Function venues in Auckland are multiple and therefore, you need to plan first with the experts before you can make any decision.

Services and amenities:

People are highly predisposed to things such as diseases and therefore, you have to provide means through which they can get aid should any uncertainty occur. In this case therefore, a presence of a hospital in the vicinity may be among your top choices. Other important things that are required include the kitchen for cooking the meals for attendees, presence of cleans chairs and tables to provide ample space and comfort while in the room among other things. If all these are available, nothing should hinder you back from choosing the room.

Air Travel and Pets

August 8, 2017

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Air Travel and Pets

Do you have to travel by air in the near future? If you do, are you a pet owner who needs to bring your pet along with you? Although most of us leave our pets at home, you may not want to do so or your purpose for travel may be to move, as opposed to taking a fun filled vacation. Regardless of your reasons for wanting or needing to travel with your pet or pets, there are a number of important points that you will need to keep in mind.

The first step in traveling with a pet is to make sure that you can do so. Although a good number of airlines will allow pets on their planes, not all will. You may be in a predicament if you plan to depart from a small airport with only one or two airlines. If they do not accept pets or if their rules and restrictions are too much for you to handle, you will want to examine other nearby airports, especially those that are larger in size.

When traveling by air with your pet or pets, it is important to remember that you will be charged an additional fee. Unfortunately, many first time pet travelers believe that they can use their pets and their pet carriers to count towards as a carry-on bag or a checked bag. This isn’t how it works though. You will, almost always, be charged an extra fee for traveling with a pet. This extra fee will likely depend on the airline in question and well as your pet’s location, such as in the cabin or in the baggage compartment.

That leads to another important point. Even with some of the airlines that allow pets, like cats and dogs, aboard their flights, not all allow pets to be in the cabin with other passengers. This is particularly common on small planes where allergies may be a big concern. If you cannot part with your pet, be sure to search for an airline that will allow you to keep him or her in the cabin with you. With that said, remember that the size of your pet will also play a huge factor in your options.

Regardless of where your pet is stored for the plane ride, you will need to have a pet carrier or crate for them. Many airlines have specific rules and restrictions on what type can be used. Resections often include materials used, as well as size. Most will provide you with that information when asked. Speaking of pet crates and carriers, it is important to make sure that you give your pet enough room to stand and move around a little bit. In fact, most airlines will refuse to transport pets that they feel are unsafe from small pet crates and carriers.

It is also important to make sure that you get your pet checked by their vet. You will want to make sure that your pet has all required vaccinations and that they are fit for travel. Also, all airlines require that you receive a health certificate, which will state that your pet is healthy and safe for travel.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many that you will want to take into consideration when traveling with a pet. Added tips include booking direct flights, making sure your pet’s collar is marked with the proper identification, as well as their pet carrier.

Top Things To Do In The Caribbean – MSC Cruises

August 8, 2017

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Imagine visiting the Caribbean islands, not just any island but some of the most desired exotic islands in the Caribbean. MSC Cruises takes you on a journey through the gorgeous turquoise waters to the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Antigua & Barbuda, Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Curacao, Cayman Islands and more. We’ve named the Top 5 Things To Do during your Caribbean cruise vacation. MSC Divina & MSC Seaside offers the best Eastern Caribbean cruise and Western Caribbean cruise vacation for you and your family.

1. Swim with Singrays at Stingray City Sandbar
Swim in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean and snorkel with stingrays, tropical fish and more. Take one of our shore excursions with our expert guides and visit Stingray City Sandbar in the Cayman Islands. Don’t miss this unique experience to play, swim and feed the stingrays!

2. Visit Exotic Beaches in the US Virgin Islands
Relax in the pristine calm ocean waters of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. With breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, enjoy one of our shore excursions island hopping to St. John or experience the local tropical countryside, rolling hills and quaint villages while taking in the culture and history.

3.Speed down a bobsled track and climb Dunn’s River Falls
Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime when you speed down a mountainside on a bobsled track with twists and turns and panoramic views of Jamaica that will take your breath away. Take an MSC excursion and experience bobsledding, PLUS this excursion includes Dunn’s River Falls.

4. Discover the ONLY Rainforest in the United States
See the ONLY tropical rainforest in the United States. Take pictures in this tropical oasis filled with stunning waterfalls, giant ferns, wild orchids, hardwood trees and an observation tower. This natural wonder leaves plenty of rooms for selfies while exploring the mountaintops and bridges in Puerto Rico. Book this once-in-a-lifetime shore excursion.

5. Explore Mexico beaches in a jeep
We’ve discovered the best way to see Mexico’s largest island… via jeep! Take a ride with the top down along the beaches of Cozumel, to the town of San Miguel and into the jungle where you can explore the islands first Mayan settlement. Learn about the history of the Mexican product, Tequila, and enjoy a tasting! PLUS, this excursion includes lunch and snorkeling the gorgeous turquoise blue waters with tropical fish.

5 Tips for Driving a Rental Car in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, Mexico is a tranquil, laid back beach town on the Yucatan Peninsula, and makes the perfect home base for a vacation in the Riviera Maya. Having a rental car in Puerto Morelos is a great decision for most people, since it gives you the freedom to jet off to Cancun or Playa del Carmen for a day whenever you feel like it, or explore the many amazing ruins and natural wonders at your own pace.

Driving a rental car in Puerto Morelos and the surrounding areas isn’t much different from driving in the US – the Yucatan is one of the safest places to drive in the country and the main roads are generally well-maintained. However, there are some tips that travelers should follow when driving a rental car in Puerto Morelos in order to have the best vacation possible.

Tips for rental cars in Puerto Morelos

1. Get CDW/LDW coverage from your credit card company
Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver is a pseudo-insurance policy that covers damage to the rental car itself (which is not covered in the mandatory Liability Insurance). Most major credit cards offer a certain amount of CDW/LDW coverage for free as long as you use it to make the reservation and pay for it. To get it from your credit card, you must decline that coverage from the rental car agency in Puerto Morelos. Car rental companies will offer this protection for an extra fee, but it usually includes a deductible of 10-20% of the vehicle’s replacement cost.

2. Keep a copy of your rental car insurance in the glove box
Always, always, always have a copy of your Mexican Liability Insurance, CDW coverage and your car and health insurance policies from back home, just in case. The most important is the Liability Insurance – if you’re in an accident and can’t prove that you have enough insurance to cover the damages, you could find yourself waiting in a Mexican jail while the police figure out who was at fault and how much coverage you have.

3. Gas stations in Mexico are state-owned
There is only one chain of gas stations in Mexico, Pemex, and the prices are the same everywhere in the country. Be aware that most gas stations will only accept cash, and there may be very few gas stations on some long stretches of highway. For example, the toll road to Chichen Itza has few exits and few gas stations, so plan accordingly.

4. Watch out for potholes on smaller roads
The major and secondary highways in Riviera Maya and the roads in the city of Puerto Morelos are in pretty good shape. But be careful with rural highways, side roads, and pulling off onto shoulders – you might get an unpleasant surprise from a pothole. Potholes are actually the main reason people in Puerto Morelos don’t recommend driving at night.

5. Map your route ahead of time
The Mexican government has an app called Mappir that not only helps you plan a route from Point A to Point B, it will also estimate how much fuel it will take and what the costs of the route are (fuel, tolls, etc.). For example, it Mappir suggests 2 possible routes from Puerto Morelos to Chichen Itza: one has tolls, with a total cost of 697 pesos but only takes 3 hr 45 min; the second has no tolls with a total cost of 424 pesos but takes 4 hr 25 min.

Bimini Popular Attractions

August 8, 2017

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What’s the secret to a perfect Bahamas vacation? Adventure. Bimini is filled with opportunities for sightseeing, exploration, and stories of the island’s history. Bimini is made up of a chain of islands only 53 miles east of Miami. Nicknamed the “Big Game Fishing Capital of the World,” Bimini offers world-class fishing, incredible scuba diving, and beautiful displays of nature.

Bimini’s mangroves are one of the island’s most beautiful natural preserves. As the only mangroves in the western Great Bahama Bank, they are widely known as one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. The area is filled with a large variety of marine animals, including many endangered species. On any given day, you could see the Nassau grouper, smalltooth sawfish, hawksbill turtles, kirtland’s warblers, loggerhead turtles, great hammerhead sharks, and the Bimini boa.

Through the Bimini mangroves lies one of the island’s most popular natural wonders, The Healing Hole. Guests are invited to swim in the mineral rich water. In order to reach the spring, visitors will have to walk through acres of trees and creeks. The walk is well worth it, as the waters are believed to have healing qualities.

The waters of Bimini hold more than just amazing displays of nature, they also hold artifacts and tales of Bimini’s past. Bimini Road is a rock formation that is completely underwater near North Bimini Island. The rock formation is half a mile long and is made from limestone blocks. Some say it has mystical origins. J. Manson Valentine, Jacques Mayol, and Robert Angove discovered this formation in 1968. Legend has it that Bimini Road was once a road system of the Lost City of Atlantis, which according to popular belief, sunk into the sea thousands of years ago.

Another popular attraction in the long list of Bahamas activities is The Dolphin House. Established in 1993 by local author Ashley Saunders, the house is made from reclaimed items from local beaches. The house shows how the island of Bimini truly treasures its natural materials. Visitors can join daily walking tours led by the Saunders family.

One of the most popular attractions on the island is The Bimini Museum. Founded in 1995 and opened in 2000, the museum went through a five-year period of restoration and funding before opening to the public. Visitors will find pictures, artifacts, relics, and memorabilia of the island’s history. Together it all tells the story of Bimini’s rise to a top vacation destination. Two popular items currently on display are a 1964 immigration card of Martin Luther King Jr. and Ernest Hemingway’s fishing logs.

One of the island’s most prized artifacts is The Fountain of Youth. According to legend, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain on the island of Bimini. Unfortunately, he failed to discover the site. The fountain was later discovered by locals and is believed to carry the power to restore youth to those who bathe or drink its waters.

Visitors are invited to tour the site to see if the legend is true.

Looking to explore the stunning nature of the island? The Bimini Nature Trail is a great way for visitors to hike through the area and discover a large variety of native plants and animals. Visitors can take a guided tour of the natural trail and learn about the animals that live throughout the area.

Many travelers enjoy shopping when they are on vacation and the Bimini Straw Market is the place to go. It is located next to the Bahamas Custom Building and there are many vendors selling their handmade crafts and goods.

Any visitor that enjoys the water will love visiting the Sapona wreck. The ship was blown to the area by a hurricane during the 1920s, and now lives deep below Bimini’s waters. Both divers and snorkelers can swim and explore the wreck. If visitors are interested in spending time with Bimini’s larger sea creatures, swimming with the island’s dolphins is an absolute must. The dolphins crowd the area between March and September, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

The history and the legends of the island of Bimini are available for all to explore. No matter which excursions fill your itinerary, from scuba diving shipwrecks, to tasting Bimini’s delicious dishes, to exploring the artifacts within the Bimini Museum, there’s no doubt that Bimini is the perfect destination for an unforgettable Bahamas vacation.

Fishing in Bimini

August 8, 2017

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The Bahamas fishing scene is world-renowned for the rich history it carries and the incredibly diverse marine life that populates its waters to this day. Of all the 700 islands that encompass the archipelago of the Bahamas, Bimini is the one destination that attracts sports fishermen from around the world, firmly holding its title as the Big Game Fishing Capital of the World. Sitting on the edge of the Gulfstream and the westernmost edge of the Bahamas, Bimini is the perfect location for access to the tropical north-flowing current of warm waters, replete with fish of all varieties. Conditions for fishing in Bimini are perfect year-round, making it a highly popular destination for fishing tournaments and events. More than 50 record-setting catches have been made in the waters that surround Bimini, not to mention the 1993 record tuna weighing a staggering 971 pounds.

Bimini’s vibrant marine life has always been a major attraction for visitors, including the revered American novelist, Ernest Hemingway. He spent many seasons of the 1930s exploring Bimini and finding inspiration for his novels within the deep blue waters that surround the island. Hemingway spent his days sailing the waters on his boat, the Pilar, searching for the perfect catch of marlin, tuna, and swordfish. Many of his most famous works were taken from his experiences out on Bimini’s waters, including To Have and Have Not, The Old Man and the Sea, and Islands in the Stream.

Both amateur and avid fishermen will find their slice of heaven within the enchantingly colorful marine life that rushes through Bimini’s warm currents. The list of fish that can be sought is truly endless: blue and white marlin, sailfish, swordfish, wahoo, kingfish, mackerel, tuna of all kind, Oceanic Bonito, bonefish, permit, tarpon, amberjack, grouper, snapper, barracuda, and more.

There’s no better source of fishing wisdom than from locals who are immersed in the waters of Bimini daily; that’s why we’ve reached out to Jonah Hepburn III, a local fisherman, to find what makes the island of Bimini his most prized fishing paradise.

Resorts World Bimini: How many years have you been a fisherman, and would you say that Bimini is a top-rank destination for fishing?

Jonah Hepburn: I’ve been fishing for the past ten years; 3 years ago I put down my rod and reel, picked up a spear and never looked back! Yes, Bimini definitely is a top-ranked destination for fishermen of all experience levels.

RWB: What has been your greatest catch in Bimini, and do you have a particular fish that you are still chasing?

JH: My biggest catch would have to be a 23.6 lb mutton snapper that I shot in 20 ft of water less than two miles west of the island. As far as hunting a particular type of fish goes, I am after the species that offers me the greatest challenge. Whether it be big groupers hiding in deep ledges and caves or the elusive mutton snappers that push your breath holds to the very limit.

RWB: What sets Bimini apart from any other place for fishing?

JH: The one thing Bimini has over all other fishing destinations is its location. Having the Great Bahama Banks to the east and the Gulfstream to the west, the waters of Bimini are nutrient rich. The waters provide not only numerous reef structures for fish to live, but also excellent feeding grounds. Having the deep waters of the Gulf Stream so close to its shores means that large schools of pelagic fish are not very far away. These factors and a few others help to create an angler’s utopia.

RWB: In your opinion, what is the tastiest fish you have ever tried and how do you prefer your fish cooked?

JH: Hands down the tastiest fish I have ever tried would be the Hog Snapper. Ceviche would be my favorite way to prepare freshly caught fish.

RWB: What is the most interesting story that you can share of your time out there in the Atlantic Ocean, and what advice can you give to anyone that is interested in a fishing excursion in Bimini?

JH: Two years ago I shot my very first Nassau Grouper in a small cave two atmospheres deep. On the surface as I began preparations to go back and retrieve my catch, I had the misfortune of watching an 8ft green moray eel devour my grouper in the most vicious of ways, leaving me with a broken heart and a bent shaft. The best advice I can offer to anyone looking for a fishing excursion or any nautical experience in Bimini is to get out and make it happen! Find a guide that’s knowledgeable and experienced who can offer a safe and fulfilling trip. Moreover [and] most importantly, enjoy every moment of paradise.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Your Machu Picchu Tours

Greenery and landscapes with natural settings always wins every traveler’s heart. Add some ancient ruins, serene lake and rivers along with an opportunity to lay sight over some of the rarest flora and fauna and you have Machu Picchu, the land that gives out heavenly vibes. Taking Machu Picchu tours is necessary at least for once in a lifetime. No individual can ever afford to miss the magnificence it has to offer and more importantly, you get an opportunity to get one with the nature.

To make the most of your Peru trip, it becomes obligatory on the part of the traveler to shortlist all the sightseeing spots that hold utmost significance. You may touch your tongue and elbow but you will be having a hard time trying to choose locations in Peru. It is because every site has its own Peruvian flavor and exploring each one of them shall simply make you hungry for more. For this purpose, bearing the following things in mind is an easy way to make your Peru trip a memorable one:

Top Three Must-Visit Places in Peru

1. Visit the Jaw-Dropping Amazon Forest

You might have come across many facts about the Amazon forest even in your school days. The Amazon Forest has some of the most unique and blissful landscape setting that can be found nowhere. Exploring the forest and its wildlife can be the perfect treat for those who have the nature’s instinct hidden in them. There are tour agencies in Peru that arrange aerial trips for travelers to discover Amazon forest from the skies. There are also train trips and boat trips made available which prove to fascinating options for travelers to experience the best of greenery.

2. The Interesting Inca Trail

Paying a visit to Peru but failing to take Inca trail tours can be the biggest mistake a traveler could ever make. The Inca Trail is considered the most popular trekking spot in South America and is rated amongst the top five in the world. Travelers can approach tour agencies and sign up for tour packages that cover distances from Inca trail to Machu Picchu. It is estimated that the land stretches for about 26 kilometers and the travelers get to explore a combination of many interesting things right from cloud-lush forests to precisely carved sculptures and ruins.

3. The Serene Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley located at the Andes Mountain is considered as a significant spot as it once served as an important piece of land for the Incan Empire. The Sacred valley is has commanded huge respect and love from the travelers for its exceptional geographic and weather conditions. The place has a number of ruins and taking path drawn to different places that originate from this spot is sure drive your senses go berserk with great views to catch.

The listed sightseeing spots are some of the most appreciated and visited locations in Peru. However, there are tons of other locations as well which has its own aura. Signing up for Peru travel packages by approaching local travel agencies and garnering information from the experts are an easy way to make your Peru trip more memorable.

Sungatetours is a renowned travel agency involved in offering Peru travel packages for travel enthusiasts from across the globe. Sungatetours aims at enhancing the experience offered to travelers in a unique manner via their diversified travel packages that covers exceptional sightseeing spots.

Resorts versus Hotels

August 8, 2017

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Resorts over Hotels
Why should I invest in or stay at a resort over hotels is the big question families are asking me all the time. The most important difference that every family should take into consideration is security. If you stay at a resort you will find out that most people are just like you. They are there with their family members on vacation having a wonderful time and bonding.

Another benefit of resorts over hotels is that the resort has several rooms including a kitchen. According to triple AAA a family of four vacationing will spend approximately $150.00 a day eating every meal out which comes to a $1,050.00 a week. Using the kitchen you could possible save $ 525.00 which could pay for your getaway saving you money you would normally pay for your accommodations.

Guests staying at a resort over hotels have many things to do besides the pool area. Things like horseback riding, miniature golf, game rooms, movies, bingo and many other things too numerous to mention in this article.

One of the main things family’s are likely to find at a resort is the people they meet there are really friendly, especially the staff who love to help the guests when they arrive. They welcome you to the resort and quickly get you booked in. A concierge will escort you to your condo, make sure that your room is ready and they give you a welcome package with discounts. They will then tell you the best locations for attractions and restaurants in the area.

Another great thing about 5 star resorts is peace of mind on what the accommodations are going to look like and are they clean, your money is well spent for just that one thing. Vacations are meant for making lasting memories not nightmares.
I will stop here as there are too many benefits of staying at a resort over hotels to mention and do not want to take any more surprises away from your vacation.

In all fairness I must say there are a few nice hotels out there and if you are alone or with one family member they might do given the fact that there are not resorts in every state of the union.
At hotels there are also families on vacations trying to have a good time that are all crammed into one little room. If they get hungry in the middle of the night they can walk down a lonely hallway to the candy machine as most have no refrigerator or stove.

There are other guests there that are not vacationing, and you always need to keep a watchful eye on everyone going up and down those hallways.

Because you only have one room you mainly keep your curtains closed over the one window you have in your room because that is your bedroom, and no one likes strangers looking into that room. Out of 24 hours you only use the room for eight of them but have to pay for the entire twenty four.

I am not going to go into this anymore but hotels had their day, and just like technology is constantly changing so are the way people vacation.

Best 8 Places To Visit In Aswan

August 8, 2017

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No part in the world can be compared by the beautiful city of Aswan; when you pay a visit to Aswan you will feel as you transferred to another planet while seeing the incomparable nature and landscape contributed by the Nile River. In the time of ancient Egyptian Aswan was known as “Sonw” which means “Market” where it was the trade center for caravans which came to Nubba, later on in the Ptolemy era it was known as “Sin” then called “Aswan” by Nubian people. Some called it “Gold City” because it was a great treasure or a tomb for Nubian kings who lived on its lands for thousands of years.

Aswan is a beautiful winter resort because of beautiful climate in the winter. It away of Cairo 899 Km and connected to by railway, land roads, Nile Cruises and domestic flights. The panoramic view of The Nile River in Aswan is distinguished by rocks and rounded islands surrounded by palms and plants in its heart. Enjoy walking on the wide Corniche of Aswan watching barks or having delicious meal in one of floating restaurants listening to Nubian Music and watching folkloric shows. You can also have a tour to the markets which are full of perfumes, spices and accessories stores.

The Best Places to visit in Aswan:

1. Kalabsha Temple

Kalabsha Temple back to the roman emperor Octavious August (30 B.C), it is one of the biggest sandstone temples in Nubba and was moved to its current position in 1970. The walls of the temple are covered by inscriptions of gods such as Isis and Osiris.

2. Temple & House of Ruler

It’s a rocky temple and one of five temples built by Ramses II in Nubba, it includes a courtyard, a hall and a chamber full of multi-colored inscriptions and Kings images in the battle.

3. Philae Temple

Relocated from its original place in Philae Island and combined in Angelika Island after building the High Dam. Today boats take visitors to “Angelika Island” where the current site of the temple and left them in the Hall of Nectanebo (the oldest part of Philae). In the north of the temple there is an outer hall surrounded by columns on the two sides to the gate of “Isis Temple”.

4. Abu Simbel Temple

It is a unique archeological site in the heart of mountain south of Aswan consists of two grand temples sculptured in the rocks. It was built by Ramses II in 1250 B.C, the front of the temple consists of grand four statues and Ramses II statue which height is (20m2). The gate of the temple leads to chambers which lengths are 180 feet. Inside the temple there are six statues, four dedicated to Ramses II and two for his favorite wife Nefrtari.

5. Philae Island

It’s a fortress along Egyptian southern borders separated the Nile into two adverse canals in Aswan.

6. Plants Island

It’s a garden nearby Philae Island full of unique plants and trees imported from all over the world.

7. Angelika Island

The place in which Philae Temple was combined 500 m2 away of the original Philae Island. Sound and Light Show is made there by different languages.

8. The High Dam

Before building it, villages on the Nile banks were drowned in the time of floods in addition to monuments but after building it saved these villages from floods and created a new mode of irrigation “organized irrigation” the matter which provides more than one cultivation season in Egypt and enabled cultivation throughout the year.